Liam McKahey. From Cork City, Ireland. ex Frontman with the band Cousteau, who released three critically acclaimed albums which sold thousands world wide, some reaching gold status in Italy. McKahey immigrated to Australia after recording the First Liam McKahey and the Bodies album “Lonely Rd”.  The second Bodies album BLACK VINYL HEART is released in Australia in October.


Niall Howe. From Derry City, Northern Ireland. Niall grew up playing classical piano and organ. A move to Edinburgh saw him playing with eight piece jump jive band, The Dream Liners. He also recorded two albums with Scottish funk band Dr Jones.  Photo: Martin Ollman


John Coates. from Canberra,  Australia.  A man obsessed with his old VW,  John has played for every band in Canberra.  If you know someone in Canberra he’s probably playing with them now. He’s been on call 24/7 since 1980, any style any place, just don’t expect anything but a vintage Fender bass, the man is obsessed! Photo: Martin Ollman


Jenny Spear,  From Canberra, Australia.  Jenny studied guitar as a teenager and went on to do a music degree. Since then she has worked as a performer in Australia, Greece and Iceland, played guitar in several different bands and on albums for other musicians and herself. Photo: Martin Ollman:


Alex Ross, from Canberra , Australia, Alex studied Trumpet and classical violin from an early age, as well as playing with The Bodies he is also a member of Canberra band Trumpet Club and does a lot of session work

pete v<a
Peter Velzen, from Canberra, Australia, Pete has played in many bands including The Plunderers, The falling Joys and The Gadflys. we welcome Pete as a new and valued member of The Bodies

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