It has been an eventful year for the band, and a bloody hard slog full of trials and tribulations, but not without its rewards.

The year is not even over and we have successfully completed a crowdfunding campaign to create an album and we are more than happy with the result, Black Vinyl Heart, an epic album borne out of our blood, sweat and tears…none of this would have been a reality without your support, for which we will be eternally grateful. We achieved our target really quickly, and then exceeded it, which helped  not only the making but the release of the album a reality.

For those of us making music, these are strange times. Gone are the days of the big record deals and support which we once enjoyed-but thankfully we have platforms such as crowdfunding which still allows us to release music on our own terms. Having said that, the sheer amount of work and admin bollocks that it entails has been overwhelming and without wanting to sound ungrateful I’d rather nail my penis to a coffee table than repeat this exercise. Thankfully, in a strategic move to avoid this bloodbath we have joined forces with our new management team of Peter Bayliss and Joe Lee, with whom we hope to reach dizzying heights in 2015 with appendages fully intact (theirs and ours).

We were joined by new member Alex Ross, an amazing trumpet and violin player who has added colour and depth to the music and vibe of the band. A man of few words, Alex brings a peaceful and calming influence to what can be a feisty and turbulent atmosphere.

Being in a band is a marriage of sorts in my opinion, and as with some marriages, many are destined  not to be. This year saw the exit of our former drummer Donovan Gall who has moved on to pursue new projects. We wish Donovan all the very best in his new ventures. Having said that, with quite a few “Bodies” falling by the wayside, I will be pursuing my emulation of Mark E Smith/the Devil in the years to come.

In a similar vein, we would like to welcome new drummer Pete Velzen, who comes with a fine pedigree of playing in bands such as The Falling Joys, The Gadflys and The Plunderers. As well as enriching the sound and the vibe of the band, Pete brings a much needed feistiness and turbulence to offset Alex’s unsettling calmness and peaceful influence. Thus nature balances itself.

Looking forward to playing near you soon.



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